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NAPCore FTP Server: napcore.res.chop.edu is no longer available. If you don't get your sequencing data, please call NAPCore at 215-590-3897 or email to napcore@email.chop.edu.

DNA sequencing:
premixed format only!

The premixed format:
You submit DNA template and primer premixed in a tube. (If the primer is a standard primer available from the Napcore, you don't have to add the primer)

For one sequencing rxn, mix the DNA and primer according to the table below:

DNA template DNA and primer
Plasmid 200 ng plasmid DNA
4 picomole primer (1ul @ 4uM)
Bring total volume to 9ul
PCR product 1 - 10 ng per 100 bp PCR product
4 picomole primer (1ul @ 4uM)
Bring total volume to 9ul
For example, if the PCR product is 500 bp,
Depending on the purity, for each rxn:
5 - 50 ng PCR product
4 picomole primer (1ul @ 4uM)
Bring total volume to 9ul
If PCR product is > 1 kb:
100 - 200 ng PCR product
4 picomole primer (1ul @ 4uM)
Brint total volume to 9ul
plasmids/phagemids/ M13phage etc. 200 ng DNA
4 picomole primer (ul of 4uM)
Bring total volume to 9ul
large insert clones (size: 50 - 300 kb)
such as cosmid, BACs, PACs etc.
The premixed format cannot be used to submit large insert clones. Please use the traditional format to submit such template.

You fill out the premixed DNA sequencing request form.

Upon receiving your samples, we will use your premixed sample directly in sequencing rxn.

It is our policy to rerun all reactions that don't work, this only applies to the same submission, it would be wise to provide twice as much DNA and primer as needed in case of rerun (18 ul instead of 9 ul).

You may continue to use our traditional format to submit DNA sequencing request:
(the prices are different)

The traditional format