Bundled DNA sequencing request

This form is for Bundled DNA sequencing request.

In this format, we will do PCR product purification with Agencourt's magnetic beads, followed by PCR product sequencing. PCR product must be single band. PCR product with multiple bands cannot be used in this format.

Use this format to submit >= 24 sequencing rxns. If you have 23 or less rxns, please use the traditional format and write down bundled in the note.

Please limit to one 96-well tray per submission.
If you have multiple trays and want to submit them together, please do a submission for each tray/uploading its sample sheet. Print out all submitted forms and bring them all together to napcore.

(Fields with an asterisk next to the name are required.)

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Please indicate if you want print out of the sequencing chromatogram. The default is no!

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