The traditional DNA sequencing request form

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Submit DNA template and primer in separate tubes (the Napcore provides standard primers).

For one sequencing rxn, submit the following amount of DNA template and primer in separate tubes (if 2 or more rxns are run on the same template, please double or multiple the amount of template DNA):

DNA template DNA Concentration Sequencing primer
PCR product, 10 ul or more 10 ng/ul or higher 5 ul @ 2 uM
plasmids/phagemids/ M13phage etc., 10 ul or more 100 ng/ul 5 ul @ 2 uM
large insert clones, 10 ul or more
(size: 50 - 300 kb, cosmid, BACs, PACs etc)
price is different for such template
200 ng/ul or higher 5 ul @ 6 uM

It is our policy to rerun all reactions that don't work (this does not apply to samples that have low DNA concentration), this only applies to the same submission, it would be wise to submit twice as much DNA and primer as needed in case of rerun.

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Sample Type:* Sample Type can be PCR product, plasmid, phagemid, m13phage etc.
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Please indicate if you want print out of the sequencing chromatogram. The default is no!

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If DNA concentration is low (< 20 ng/ul for plasmid, < 1 ng/ul for PCR product), your samples will not be run. If you want to run anyway, please indicate it here, but we will not rerun it if it does not work. If you have comments please also type it here:

Please indicate how many rxn you want to submit:

I will enter my samples on the next page I have more than 23 samples, and will e-mail an Excel spreadsheet