Our Equipment

Our SDS-7000 (the red machine in calendar), the basic day to day workhorse uses a filter wheel and a sophisticated multicomponenting algorithm to perform multi-color applications such as multiplexed quantification, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping, and plus/minus assays with an internal positive control. The 7000 system is a Peltier-based, 96-well block thermal cycling system and uses a tungsten-halogen lamp for illumination.

Our SDS-7900HT (the blue machine in calendar) system, ABI's flagship high throughput Real-Time PCR machine, can operate 96-well, 384-well or the TaqManLow Density Array (Microfluidic card) formats. Combining the automation accessory with interchangeable 96-, 384-well and TaqMan Low Density Array blocks, the 7900HToffers unmatched flexibility for investigators who are interested in different levels of throughput. Sample tracking is greatly simplified with the use of hand-held and integrated bar code readers. The 7900HT uses a Peltier-based thermal cycling system and an extended-life 488 nm argon-ion laser excitation source. The 7900HT can perform PCR traditionally taking 1 hour and 30 minutes down to 40 minutes or less!! Inquire about the FAST PCR.

Our newest machine, SDS-7500 (the white machine on calendar) has everything our SDS-7000 has to offer plus the added optical capabilities to detect Cy 3™, Cy 5™ and Texas Red® dyes on top of the regular detectable fluorophores (FAM, SYBR, TAMRA, NED, JOE, VIC, and ROX).