About Us

The Joseph Stokes, Jr. Research Institute's Real-Time PCR Core Facility is located in room 1106F Abramson Research Center. The facility provides real-time PCR chemistries consultation, experimental design consultation, assistance in data analysis and troubleshooting. For questions regarding the operation of the facility and other technical questions please contact realtime@email.chop.edu or NaPCore at X4-3897.

Currently, the facility operates three Sequence Detection System (SDS) PCR machines from Applied Biosystems (ABI) namely SDS-7000, SDS-7500 and SDS-7900HT. All three Sequence Detection Systems can be used for Absolute or Relative Quantitative analysis of numerous sample types, SNP's and allelic discrimination assays, Plus/Minus assays and dissociation curve melting point analysis. All these are achieved through the Real-Time or End point spectrofluorogenic detection of PCR over user programmable thermocycling conditions.

The facility does not setup reactions for Investigators, but support is available upon request. Machine operations are self served for experienced users from individual labs. Training sessions are highly recommended for first time users. Please contact NaPCore to setup an appointment.