Protocols and Links

Software Protocols and Links

SDS-7500 Software Operation Protocol.pdf

SDS-7900HT Software Operation Protocol.pdf

On-line calendar signup protocol


Additional Useful Links

Real Time PCR experimental design workflow (still under construction)

RefSeq Genes exon-exon junction via UCSC Genome Browser

In-Silico PCR (ePCR) of Primer set via UCSC In-Silico PCR

TaqMan Chemistry and SYBR Green chemistry description

Essentials of Real Time PCR

Primer Express Tutorial for Gene Expression Assay

Primer Express Tutorial for Allelic Discrimination Assay

BioRad TissueLyser LT

Qubit Link

Open Array Expression

Open Array Genotyping

Clariom Transcriptome Analysis Link

Thermo Website for Cloud Access

Primers or probes selection criteria:

Real Time PCTR reagents selection helper

For Gene Expression Experiments that has very little starting materials, potential solutions – “Nugen’s WT-Ovation RNA Amplification System

Universal Probe Library from Exiqon and Roche for assay design and synthesis.

All About Real Time PCR quick reference guide from Eurogentec

Basic Data Analysis description.

Applied Biosystems’ homepage